Hazelnut Crepe Cake


I'm working on a huge project that I am incredibly excited about, and I can't wait to share it with the world! In the meantime, here's a hazelnut crepe cake I made recently inspired by an amazing one I had overseas. I'm quite happy with the taste and texture but I will definitely be improving on it. Next week, a chocolate version!

Ice Cream Sugar Cookies


Hello! I've been so crazy busy. Between work, baking, hobbies and catching up on my favourite TV shows (yes, watching TV is high on my list of priorities), I can hardly breathe sometimes. Which explains why I made these cookies weeks ago but only got to posting them now. Sometimes the words just don't flow.

Sugar cookie recipes are easy. You bake the cookies, make the royal icing, and decorate them. The only limit is your creativity. My problem with sugar cookies has always been the sweetness. There's no way to reduce royal icing's sweetness so I tried reducing the sugar in the cookies but they still turn out so teeth-achingly sweet I end up not eating them at all.

I used the same sugar cookie and royal icing recipe as my duckling cookies but reduced the sugar to 350g. For the mint chocolate chip ice cream, I used cocoa nibs as chips, love how they turned out looking just like the real thing!

Red Wine Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Glaze


Red Wine Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Glaze

What do you do when you have 12 bottles of opened wine? Besides drinking all of them I mean.

Oh, wait. Are you one of those people who can drink an entire bottle of wine by yourself? Then we should definitely be friends. I'll trade you - wine for food.

One of the perks of my job is the access to free wine. That, along with drinking on the job and the occasional free meal. Once in a while we get a bunch of samples for tasting but we don't usually finish them. They get stuck in the fridge and are eventually forgotten. Googling red wine recipes gave me a few ideas but this stood out the most to me.

Red wine? Check.
Chocolate cake? Check.
More chocolate? Just hand me a slice already!